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The Chronicle of Change is a collection of poetry written since the 1990s. As most of the poems are in hard copy, I will have to encode them one by one, so bear with me. I will be posting them as I go along.

The dates of posting are not necessarily the dates of creation.

I do not and never will claim that they are good, but if you find value in them, I thank you. You are most welcome to comment. I welcome both praise and criticism.

If for any reason you need to quote, lift excerpts, print, publish, or refer to the poems in any way, I would appreciate a note or an email, an acknowledgment of ownership, and an acknowledgment of the website. Intellectual property rights do apply.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Beholding Beauty

In a voiceless whisper
You called to me and
Lured my soul
To come and draw near.
You held my hand and
Brought me close
To unfelt bliss,
Unknown ecstasy.

I opened my eyes and
Saw what was before me,
Standing there
In form, most pure,
Most delicate:

Your face, asymmetrical
Yet poised, confounded me,
Held my eyes captive
And possessed me.
As I gazed at your face,
The lovely folds
Glowed in the
Mild morning sun,
Shimmered and
Broke into a thousand
Different hues,
Into a musical canvas
Of tone and brilliance
Waking my imagination.

Unlike any I have felt
Or touched, your skin,
Soft and supple,
Beckoned me to caress
Your body. Then,
As in a trance, I let
My hand glide over
Your entirety.
Oh, beauty!

Dazed from your sweet
Subtle scent, my mind
Wandered through eternity,
To a dream of beauty
Divine and ethereal.

To have lived and fought
And not felt such freedom,
To have gone and sought
And not found such splendor,
To have walked the earth
And never seen such majesty
Is to me like sin
Against such beauty.

- written some time in the late 90s as an ode to Philippine flora, dedicated to Raven in 2009

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