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The Chronicle of Change is a collection of poetry written since the 1990s. As most of the poems are in hard copy, I will have to encode them one by one, so bear with me. I will be posting them as I go along.

The dates of posting are not necessarily the dates of creation.

I do not and never will claim that they are good, but if you find value in them, I thank you. You are most welcome to comment. I welcome both praise and criticism.

If for any reason you need to quote, lift excerpts, print, publish, or refer to the poems in any way, I would appreciate a note or an email, an acknowledgment of ownership, and an acknowledgment of the website. Intellectual property rights do apply.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dream for the Unwilling Insomniac

As I lie on my chest
the beating in my heart
strung beyond sleep
spirit aroused
amidst the overwhelming presence
of death
(the guests
have all gone home to bed
the rest
of us lying on pews
of hard wood
laid one
in front of another);
I am paying my dues
as the son of a daughter
whose estranged father
lay frozen
in death.
Maybe it was the coffee
or the looming
ending of agony.
Or maybe not.
As I lie on my makeshift bed
I curse the demons
for shaking the pedestal
of my soul.
(Oh cruel!)
The evils of a conscience
unbound beget
turmoil in the compromised
Bury me now
and hang a sign:
"R.I.P. Do not disturb."

- written some time in 2000 at the wake of a grandparent

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