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The Chronicle of Change is a collection of poetry written since the 1990s. As most of the poems are in hard copy, I will have to encode them one by one, so bear with me. I will be posting them as I go along.

The dates of posting are not necessarily the dates of creation.

I do not and never will claim that they are good, but if you find value in them, I thank you. You are most welcome to comment. I welcome both praise and criticism.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007


What do you do at two o'clock in the morning
when everyone
in your house is asleep,
when all your friends are with your other friends
in bars
patting each other's backs
for their fast cars and silver spoons?
Whom do you call when everyone you know
has gone to their beds
they have someone beside them
to kiss
and have breakfast with in the morning?
Whom do you talk to when you think
you are ready
to fall
into a mere
barely able to feel yourself
or hear yourself speak
or see
your reflection in the bathroom mirror?
How do you wake up from a bad dream
losing your sanity from realizing
that a bad dream is more sufferable than
a wretched life? How do you regain hope
stolen from the womb that bore it
or confidence
bought out by malicious capitalists
that hog fame and favor and leave
with canard?
How do you live to see yourself
reduced to a
demeaned level of polishing shoes of honchos
after day
after day
dismissed at whim like
cheap perfume?
How do you keep yourself from
that suicide note long written in your head
when you find there is
to hold you and keep you from it?
How do you deal with conscience?
How do you keep your mother from prattling
about how your job sucks and
your appearance
never right?
How do you endure
the ceaseless playing
of that effusive
record by your deplorable neighbors
when your ears
from the steady
drumming of polka? Why can I not scream
from frustration
without passersby looking
with eyes bulging and brows twitching?
When can I take that vacation? Where do I
for solace?
Why does it hurt to dream?
Why does it cost to love?
When does
this migraine leave? When will sleep come
when it is the only
source of happiness
and rest
When does life become?
And when
will death be gone?
How do you begin to exist beyond
When do I transcend finally the evil that
surrounds me
so I can live in peace
from judgement and prejudice
let alone
for being me and not somebody
When will I be let loose
from the superstructures upon which
this whole goddamned world is built
under which cowardly peoples
and men of half-wit
so I can live
to relish my days – and my nights –
without having to feel rejected

- written some time in 2000

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  1. ..so ano sagot sa mga tanong dito. wehehehhe. ill wait for the ANSWERS TO CLAUSTROPHOBIA ? poem next.


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