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The Chronicle of Change is a collection of poetry written since the 1990s. As most of the poems are in hard copy, I will have to encode them one by one, so bear with me. I will be posting them as I go along.

The dates of posting are not necessarily the dates of creation.

I do not and never will claim that they are good, but if you find value in them, I thank you. You are most welcome to comment. I welcome both praise and criticism.

If for any reason you need to quote, lift excerpts, print, publish, or refer to the poems in any way, I would appreciate a note or an email, an acknowledgment of ownership, and an acknowledgment of the website. Intellectual property rights do apply.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Emancipation of Ra

You are like the sun
worshipped by primeval entities,
revered even in the deepest recesses -
in caves of stone and forests deep.
Creatures rage and bask as they forage
under your eternal fire.

You are like the sun
and I lie scorched, counting irregular
blotches and scars on my body that's
as bare as the oceans and
helpless as the seas.

Even the stars die out under your blinding
light. The moon draws its illumined countenance
from you, oh glorious King!
You are like the sun, raging and majestic,
towering and nurturing.

Do not go! Do not let the cold of night rule
in your stead. Burn instead and lick the earth
with tongues of fire. Burn incessantly and sear
my calloused heart, for I fear the enveloping
darkness of your absence.

Stay. Stay forever. Then we shall lie in the
comfort of our love. For I am like the earth
and you are like the sun
and between us there should be
only void.

- written some time in 2001 for Elias

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